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Shots for Signatures?

22 Apr

Shots for Signatures?

While trying to get through my accounting homework tonight I could not help but look up from my laptop when I heard Rachel Maddow say that Republicans in Wisconsin are offering shots for signatures. I was hopeful that this was a play on words , but much to my surprise it wasnt. The signatures that were worth one , two maybe even five shots a piece are to petition for the recall of a democratic senator. Although not illegal in WI it is strongly looked down upon to offer alcohol as a reward for political support. Everything about this makes me uncomfortable. Check out the link above for the details and even some audio.

What do you think about a shot for your support?


Welcome to Ohh Babs

10 Apr

First I would like to thank you for visiting my page, however you got here!  I will start by saying that I have no clue what I am doing, but what I do know is that I have ALWAYS wanted to start a blog…about WHAT you ask? Well that right there is the problem, I have never had a focus I thought my random ramblings would be intriguing enough. So  I have decided that this blog will be a place where I do my fair share of verbal diarrhea but with some editing and a focus on current events, news, quotes and other tidbit’s that catch my eyes, ears, or taste buds.