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What is fashion?

16 May

1.   fash·ion/ˈfaSHən/

A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.
Make into a     particular form.
Synonyms: noun. mode – style – manner – way – vogue – form – shapeverb. shape – mold – form – model – make

365 Days of Fashion

16 May

Wow, It has been half a year since my last post. Even worse than that I last posted about returning to my blog. How embarrassing! Needless to say the past 6 months have been challenging but I am back in the game and ready to take on whatever is thrown my way. Ok, enough about the past this blog is about to revamped as I take on a personal challenge. One of my former cross country teammates celebrated her 31st Birthday in October, she decided to take a huge leap of faith and commit to running everyday this year. I have followed her along her journey and found inspiration in the idea of doing something everyday and documenting it. So after much mental debate I have decieded to use my 29th year to document my personal style . The logistics and kinks are still being ironed out but without further to-do welcome to 365 days of Babs style. My hope for this is two fold , I am challenging  myself not only to make a daily commitment to the blog but also to my personal style.