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What is fashion?

16 May

1.   fash·ion/ˈfaSHən/

A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.
Make into a     particular form.
Synonyms: noun. mode – style – manner – way – vogue – form – shapeverb. shape – mold – form – model – make

365 Days of Fashion

16 May

Wow, It has been half a year since my last post. Even worse than that I last posted about returning to my blog. How embarrassing! Needless to say the past 6 months have been challenging but I am back in the game and ready to take on whatever is thrown my way. Ok, enough about the past this blog is about to revamped as I take on a personal challenge. One of my former cross country teammates celebrated her 31st Birthday in October, she decided to take a huge leap of faith and commit to running everyday this year. I have followed her along her journey and found inspiration in the idea of doing something everyday and documenting it. So after much mental debate I have decieded to use my 29th year to document my personal style . The logistics and kinks are still being ironed out but without further to-do welcome to 365 days of Babs style. My hope for this is two fold , I am challenging  myself not only to make a daily commitment to the blog but also to my personal style.


Return of the blog.

14 Oct

To say I have been slacking on my blog would be an understatement but I am back and with gusto. Working on a new daily topic outline, lots of exciting stuff coming very soon. Please stay tuned. For now let me leave you with something that is pulling at my heart-strings…

Yesterday the house of representatives spent the entire day passing a bill to ban government funding of abortions. OK before I upset anyone, the reason this is so disturbing has nothing to do with my stance on abortion. It’s because this ban is already in place and has been since 1977 without interruption. Why is our government wasting time to pass a ban on something that is already banned during a time when so many crucial topics need attention such as the job act or the economy?


FNO Mila Kunis

2 Sep
FNO Mila Kunis

Hot fall trends

5 Aug
Hot fall trends

Summer Shoe Stunners contest

31 Jul
Summer Shoe Stunners contest

hot summer nights

15 Jul
hot summer nights