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Top 5 things you should know this week….Just in case you needed another reason not to do coke this weekend

25 Jun

Every week I watch, read, and listen to more news than I can absorb but I must say that I always end up with a handful of gems by the end of the week. So my plan is that every Friday I will post whatever seemed to be note worthy or just plain crazy enough for me to give a fuck about ūüôā

Just in case you needed another reason not to do coke this weekend…… FLESH EATING COKE? ….according to the US DEA over 80% of the cocaine in the United States contains levamisole which is traditionally used to de-worm farm animals can cause a flesh-eating disease.

American couples prefer baby boy’s….will¬† females be extinct? This headline first made me laugh then I have to admit it got to me a little. Despite all of the efforts and steps forward we have taken towards equal rights for women as a whole we as Americans still have the same perception that a baby boy would be preferred over a girl. In a recent poll the answers were in line with those given in a survey in 1941.

It’s a great day for the people of NY! The 6th and largest state to pass a gay marriage bill.

Today is a great day in our history it marks another stepping stone towards legal marriage rights for all citizens. Congrats New York ‚̧

Just GOOGLE it! If we can’t trust google who can we trust?

Today the US regulators filed papers to launch a formal antitrust prob into goggles inner workings. Although information has not been formally released in regards to what sparked the investigation speculations point towards if google is abusing its overall dominance. This really got my mind going…maybe I should reconsider believing google above all others…

Southwest pilot rant ! Do you think he should be fired?

If you have not heard this audio check it out. The pilot is having a very off the cuff conversation about how few co workers he can bang and how few times he has been to the bar. I think I am confused what a pilot’s job entails, operating an air craft or bitching about the lack of tail he can find in each city. (Do what you please in your off hours but come on don’t send it over the free air used to help land planes safely)

Have a great weekend!

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Shots for Signatures?

22 Apr

Shots for Signatures?

While trying to get through my accounting homework tonight I could not help but look up from my laptop when I heard Rachel Maddow say that Republicans in Wisconsin are offering shots for signatures. I was hopeful that this was a play on words , but much to my surprise it wasnt. The signatures that were worth one , two maybe even five shots a piece are to petition for the recall of a democratic senator. Although not illegal in WI it is strongly looked down upon to offer alcohol as a reward for political support. Everything about this makes me uncomfortable. Check out the link above for the details and even some audio.

What do you think about a shot for your support?